Going Sleeveless

IMGP8626 IMGP8615 IMGP8594

Photos by: W. Dixon

Happy Wednesday all! I am so excited to be sharing some outfit pictures with you. W and I were able to sneak away from weekend chores and decorating on Saturday to snap some pics during the warm-ish weather and daylight. This outfit is a mesh of new and old pieces. I have been drooling over the trending sleeveless jacket and knew I had to have one myself. It’s a great piece for the cold – perfect as a jacket or even as a layering piece for added warmth. Will you be going sleeveless too?

Would you believe me if I told you that I DIY-ED one of the outfit pieces above?

Stay tuned tomorrow to find out which one is handmade and how you can make your own too. Full DIY tutorial up tomorrow!

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