DIY Sleeveless Vest or Jacket


Photo by: W. Dixon

One of these things is not like the other… that’s right one is DIY-ed! Did you guess that this vest was handmade?  

When I was shopping for fabric a few weeks ago I spotted this beautiful purple boiled wool blend fabric and knew instantly that I had to pick it up.  This fabric is super easy to work with and doesn’t require the hassle of finishing ends or hemming so it was a no-brainer purchase.  The wheels were instantly turning upon contact and I have to admit that I bought a bunch of fabric to make a few things. This DIY started with my desire for a long sleeveless vest/jacket. You’ve probably seen them all over the style-sphere and I’ve been on the prowl for some time in how to create my own version. This DIY project was super easy to make and I would totally recommend trying it out, even if you’re not big on sewing or own a sewing machine. While this is a big clothing article, it only requires a few seams so you could even hand sew it if need be. Pockets optional. I added one but it adds a bit of bulk. IMGP8605 DIY Wool Sleeveless Vest/Jacket

Materials: 1.5 m of boiled wool blend (the fabric selection is necessary here, if substituting be sure to use a heavy fabric), similar coloured thread, sewing materials, jacket with a collar/size of your liking.

1) Lay fabric out and cut your back and front pieces like below. Use a jacket with a collar/size to your liking for measure. You do not need to leave room for seam allowance; however, you may want to leave some room if you would like a boxy cut or to trim down after trying on.

DIY sleeveless vest jacket 2) Pin the back and two front panels of your jacket together. Stitch the shoulders of your jacket together. Try on to make any adjustments. 3) Straight stitch the side seams together, adding pockets, if desired. You may choose to add pockets on the exterior as an option as well. 4) Voila! It’s as easy as that 🙂

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