DIY Chain Faux Fur Purse Tutorial

This season faux fur is making an appearance in a big way, especially in accessories. I love the added texture and luxe look of a fur purse and with the price tag of doing it yourself, it’s even more attractive. Here’s the full (and easy!) DIY below.


Materials: faux fur (a rectangle ~40 cm x 25 cm, or your desired size) and lining material (slightly larger for seam allowance), 1 zipper, 1m chain, and sewing materials including double sided no-sew tape

Steps: 1) cut material, 2) sew lining material to both sides of zipper, add inside pocket if desired, close pouch 3) sew on chain to zipper – opposite sides, 4) stick on faux fur using double sided no-sew tape starting on one side below zipper, wrapping around pouch adding a few strips on body, finishing on other side of zipper, 5) hand sew sides of faux fur together, 6) et viola!

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