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Hurray for Friday!

I’m desperately attempting to plough through work but admittedly – I’m not having a lot of success. It could be my amazing procrastination ability setting in or just the need for a weekend away from to-do lists and such. I’m further trying to bribe myself into finishing work so that I can “earn” a pair of overalls, that I am so excited to acquire. Now, overalls, you might say… yes, overalls.  I’ll keep you posted if I’m successful in that department.  Fingers crossed that I can be equally as successful in making a firm decision on my wedding dress.  Word on the street is that a lot of brides don’t “love” their dress after purchasing it?!? Someone tell me I’m not the only one!  I’m headed back tomorrow for a “check-in” appointment and to officially make the call. Wish me luck!

Here are your weekend links:

January seems like “” month. Here’s a sweet printable to-do list to help you plough through whatever you’ve got going on.

Just discovered this awesome blogger and designer’s IG account. Check it out here.

Hair and I haven’t always been friends. I’m digging this lazy girl’s guide to hair for the office.

Someone bake these cinnamon brown butter breakfast puffs and share them stat! Yum!

January makes me rethink my wardrobe (and my decision to live somewhere where it snows and is super cold) and I’ve been doing a good deal of staring at my closet with a look of pure confusion. To find sense of direction I’ve been looking into wardrobe inspiration and ways to maximize your existing closet. Enter this awesome article on 3 easy ways to streamline your wardrobe. Thoughts?

Lastly, here’s a great tune for you to kick-start your weekend with.


Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic weekend all!


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