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Elle NYC street style, via Elle, here.

What a week! Last “This Weekend” post I shared about how I was a bit unsure about my wedding dress selection. Well, let me tell ya – I realized Friday night that I was really not sure about my dress selection, which brought on a wave of emotions. No, it probably didn’t help that this is crunch time for me at work either, but in the end, I’m happy because it forced me to figure out what exactly it was that I was uncomfortable about. The result – I decided on a different dress and I have to tell you – I’m crazy about it! Like, can’t wait to wear it, wanna wear it everywhere, kinda excited! I wish I could say the same thing about work for work, but it’s just time to crank up the heat and get sh*t done. Here’s hoping you all enjoy a fantastic weekend!

Here are your weekend links: 

A perfect round up of all of the outfits I wish I were in my closet. Spoiler alert – they’re all gray <3

Because – Friday. Karen Walker’s new sunnies campaign rocks and you deserve a good laugh.

11 ways to rock leather pants. Are you sporting this trend?

What are your thoughts on this vintage modern space in Madrid? Would you call it modern?

Wedding talk – I’m totally digging this DIY project for my bridesmaids.

W cooked this awesome recipe up for us this week and it made for the best dinner and lunch. Can’t wait to repeat it!

One of my goals this year it to amp up my hair game. Enter the hair knot. Not only does it look super cool, it seems super straight forward and unique too.

real ways to become a morning person. Let’s do this!


Here’s hoping you have a grand weekend all!
Thanks, as always, for reading.

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