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Jacket Zara (on sale now) | Jeans Paige Denim |
Purse Coach | Boots Zara (on sale now, similar)
Photos by: W. Dixon

Say hello to my new, leopard print jacket. If you know me well, or have been following the blog, you’ll know that I’m truly a “neutrals” kinda gal. I typically opt for simple, minimalistic designs. In one part, because I appreciate clothes that I can have and wear forever (W is not a fan of how this reason results in a growing clothing collection) and in another, because I enjoy pieces that can be paired with almost anything. So you’re probably wondering then what I’m doing in this wildly, bold jacket. Truth – this jacket haunted me, my dreams and my thoughts after seeing a few pinterest style pics of a fuzzy leopard print and after seeing this outfit from Christina over at The Quarter Life Closet. Conclusion – I bought the jacket. I now think of it as my “confidence coat,” you know, when you’re in a “I don’t care” kinda mood?

Here, I’ve paired this coat with lots of  black layers to connect to the print in the coat. I also added a pop of blue chambray to contrast the orange-y hues in the coat, but in a balanced way. I think this coat would be equally fun to dress up, especially with a bright, red lip.

Thank you, as always, for reading! Happy Tuesday all 🙂

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