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Hi all! Apologies for the radio silence! It would seem as though I ambitiously bit off more than I could chew and as a result burnt out, got sick and was distracted between shop, work and wedding tasks. But today, I’m back and excited to share some inspiration that I discovered during my brief “vaca” from blogging – the urban outfitters instagram account. I’m in love with the styling and overall tone of their account and have deemed it important to share with you, readers. The best part is – it’s all available at UO so you can order that awesome floral bikini pictured above for upcoming cottage weekends.

Thanks for reading all! Stay tuned for LOTS more coming your way.


Tavik Cleo Bandeau Bikini
BB Dakota Merlyn Vegan Leather Jacket – on sale
Kimchi Blue Surplice Bodycon Lace Dress
Converse Chuck Taylor High Top Sneakers
SkarGorn Distressed Jeans

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