Turtlenecks and Overalls – the adult version

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When I started seeing overalls back in the stores I was tempted to make a purchase but reluctant to bring them home in fear of never wearing them. So I kept an eye out last spring and played the popular try it on, and think about it game. Truthfully, these overalls haunted me so much so that I panicked when I finally went back and they were sold out. Fortunately, the stars aligned and I was able to later make the purchase and I have to say, I still receive compliments when I wear them.

What I found helpful was styling such that the tone was more “adult-like,” if I can be so bold. And by that, I mean purchasing a pair in coloured denim (like black or white) and by pairing it with a similar colour to create a monochromatic outfit. That being said, I’ve found that an oversized sweater, or crisp button up are just a chic. I spiced this outfit up with some lace up flats to add some character. So… have I convinced you to buy a pair of overalls yet?

Outfit details:
Turtleneck Sweater: super old but a staple (my next purchase) | Overalls: H&M (love these)| lace up flats: Old Navy

turtlenects and overalls

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