September Purchases

September Purchases 2016
Hello all! Here’s an update on what I bought this month in preparation for fall and some closet updates.  My favourite purchase would have to be the shoulder-cut-out sweater(s) I bought. That’s right, I bought two! Guilty! I loved it beige so much that I ended up also buying it in a dull purple colour as well.  I’m also a BIG fan of the midi pleated skirt that’s gained total popularity these days.  I was planning on buying just a black version, but when I saw it in blush pink as well I decided to pull the trigger. Not only as these amazing for work, they’re uber comfortable too.  I’ve been styling them with a simple t-shirt as mine have a bit of sheen to them. I also found them at Urban Planet at a steal for $20 each! I also scored a hunter green puff vest from Old Navy on a sale day for $15 – score! A few other items included a beautiful leather pair of pointed toe pumps from Zara that will replace the super cheap pair of ballet flats that I actually tossed one day this week after coming home from work in them. (Yes, they were that bad). I also picked up a water-proof jacket by North Face as my older water proof jacket proved totally unreliable thanks to many previous miles of wear on our honeymoon. I scored this one for 25% off today at EuropeBound! They’re having a sale today and tomorrow, so check them out if you’re in need of some upgrades. Lastly, while W hates it, I scored a super cute “Good vibes” sequined lettered pillow for our living room. All I can say is… at least it’s just one?

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